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Why Are Adverts so Specific to Me?



You have probably heard the horror stories about how our phones are listening to us, which is why they show so specific and personalized ads. But that probably isn’t the case, and the reason ads are so pinpointed is far simpler.

This article will not only tell you more about what is targeted advertising but also how you can stop it in just a few clicks, so stay tuned!

How Do Ads Know What I’m Searching?

Businesses of all kinds that look to generate more sales turn to online advertising as it is very effective and gives them excellent ROI. There’s nothing wrong with that, as we see adverts everywhere, not only online.

But, online adverts are especially problematic because they are personalized for you. It sometimes feels like a step too far, as companies keep showing us ads wherever we are, even if we are not looking for the particular item or company at that moment. 

How does that happen?

The Issue With Tracking Cookies

When you visit a website, a cookie is installed on your browser. That small file is used to personalize your browsing experience and make it a bit easier. For example, cookies might give you personalized news based on your prior history, local weather forecast, or might remember where you left off previously, or save items in your cart if you accidentally closed the page.

But, tracking cookies take that to the next level. These cookies not only gather your personal information when you visit the website of interest (for example, an online store). Thanks to third-party ads, the exact item you were browsing on that store will keep showing on other websites that have third-party ads enabled, too, completely unrelated to the store itself. That’s why you see the same pair of shoes you were previously browsing everywhere.

The problem with this is not only that tracking cookies are intrusive and annoying, but they are also a privacy concern. You don’t want companies tracking your information and behavior all over the web. 

While how much time you spend on a site might be insignificant to you, that information is a goldmine for ad companies as it will enable them to pinpoint ads even more precisely. Not to mention what can happen if some of your personal information gets into the wrong hands.

How To Eliminate Tracking Cookies And Ads?

Companies invest buckets of money into online advertising, and all you need to do to waste all their efforts to track you is to install Total Adblock

Our powerful apps will not only block tracking cookies but will eliminate all ads from all websites you visit. So no sidebars littered with that same pair of shoes that’s been stalking you for days. But, also no more annoying YouTube ads that interrupt your playlist playback. The same goes for other multimedia platforms – Total Adblock eliminates online adverts everywhere.

Plus, our convenient apps will protect your mobile devices too. That means Total Adblock will eradicate tracking adverts wherever you go, safeguarding your privacy.