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How To Stop Adverts From Tracking Me?



Targeted adverts online have gone a bit too far. Seeing the same ad following you around the web is not only annoying, but can be a bit intimidating and feel like stalking.

Fortunately, the solution to get rid of ads and trackers is super easy, and this article will tell you how to do it. Once you finish reading it, you will be able to terminate ads on all of your devices, just in a few clicks.

Why Do Ads Track Me?

When you browse the web, information is exchanged between your device and the website you are visiting. To make the experience more personalized, websites install cookies on your browser, which is normal. These cookies allow you to see local news, weather, and personalized content related to you the next time you visit the website.

But, what if you don’t come back to the store you visited? They will lose a customer for good.

Therefore, online websites (especially stores) install tracking cookies to show ads on other websites that allow third-party advertising. So, even if you don’t come back to the site directly, you will see the items you previously viewed on other websites, which can convince you to buy.

Why Are Trackers A Privacy Risk

While most websites collect data to improve the personal experience or make more sales, which isn’t problematic on its own, you should still want to keep your personal information to yourself.

Those same tracking cookies aren’t there just to show you ads – they also collect information about your behavior. This information is more important than you might think, as it is a part of your digital footprint. If it gets into the wrong hands, it can be misused and become a massive privacy concern.

How To Stop Adverts From Tracking Me 

If you want to stop ads on all of your devices, the solution is simple – install Total Adblock

Our smart technology recognizes ads and blocks them before they even load on all websites you visit. That means you will enjoy pop-up-free browsing but also uninterrupted YouTube playback. 

Total Adblock blocks all ads and trackers, and you will no longer see the same ads stalking you on every page. No ad company will collect your personal information if you decide to install Total Adblock.

Also, if you opt for Total Adblock Android or iOS apps, you will remain protected even on the go. Not only will you enjoy an ad-free mobile experience, but you will also save data and improve performance.


As you see, tracking adverts are not just an annoyance, they can even be a security concern. Fortunately, the solution to stop them is straightforward – Total Adblock. We will eliminate all ads for you, trackers included. Therefore, install Total Adblock, and enjoy a safer, faster, and less annoying internet today.