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Speed Up Website Searches with Advert Blocking



If you were ever stuck in a hotel room, library, or airport with a poor WiFi connection, you know how annoying that can be. You are trying to finish work, and loading every single webpage takes forever. And there’s just nothing you can do to make the WiFi connection stronger. But, there is something you can do to speed up websites and get rid of annoying ads. Read on to find out what that is.

Why Ads Slow Down Internet?

Ads are “empty” traffic. Nobody browses the web to see ads, yet they still load with the web pages you want to see. That’s understandable, as websites profit from showing ads. When your internet connection is strong and stable, you usually don’t notice a significant performance drop even if you see ads.

However, if your internet bandwidth is limited or the connection is slow, ads can create a problem. They will eat up your data but will also choke up the internet connection. The site you are trying to access will load everything – both the information you want to get and the annoying ads you don’t want to see. And, in some cases, those ads actually take up more data than the rest of the page.

Also, ads analyze user behavior too, which can further impact performance on a slow connection. This is also a privacy concern, as tracking cookies often end up installed on your device, resulting in more ads showing even when you visit a different page.

Website Running Slowly? How To Speed Up Websites

One of the easiest to implement ways to speed up websites is to install the Total Adblock plugin. Total Adblock will eliminate all ads from websites you visit, significantly cutting the amount of data used and improving performance. 

It will automatically block unwanted ads and trackers, and you can tweak the settings yourself if you want more control. This will improve privacy but will skyrocket your internet speed, making all websites load much faster. Because no ads will load with the webpage, you will experience faster loading times even on slower connections.

Total Adblock also works on iOS and Android mobile devices. That means you will be able to enjoy faster internet on your phone too, but also save limited mobile data and avoid overage charges.


Adverts are not only annoying but are a complete waste of bandwidth. And to make things even worse, they also choke up internet speeds, which can turn into a nightmare if you are forced to use a slow public connection. 

But, using a simple tool such as the Total Adblock plugin will kill ads on every website you visit, cutting loading times and saving bandwidth. Immediately after you install the plugin, all of the ads will be gone, and you’ll start enjoying a faster, lighter, and much safer internet. So, what are you waiting for?