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Online Advertising Tracking Cookies – What You Need To Know To Stay Safe



Recently, we have heard the news that Google Chrome will start blocking tracking cookies by default by late 2023, which is a good thing. But, it’s not 2023 yet, and there are things you can do right now to protect your privacy. Read on to find out more.

What Are Tracking Cookies?

Cookies are a normal part of web browsing. When you visit websites, your browser collects information about the page you are visiting and vice versa. Cookies are tiny files that your browser collects when visiting pages and help in making a personalized experience

They help to show local content, allow you to continue where you previously left off when reading news, give you personalized recommendations, etc. 

Cookies And Targeted Advertising

However, not all cookies are there to serve you. Some websites allow third-party cookies, which helps them generate income from showing ads. 

We all know that whenever we visit a store of any kind, the same item we were casually browsing keeps popping up on every website we visit. 

That’s because we had a tracking cookie installed on our browser when we visited the store page, and now it’s showing us personalized adverts whenever we visit a website that allows third-party cookies. 

Also, if you have browsed the same item multiple times, the chances are you are going to see an increased price. Tracking cookie knows that you already want the item, so there’s no need to show a discount, as you are likely to buy it anyway. But, if you delete the cookie, the discounted price might show again.

It’s worth noting that tracking cookies aren’t only used for ads (but those are by far the most annoying). Companies also place them to learn more about user behavior, which can help them improve their website. But, this information can also be misused, which is why you should have a layer of protection.

How To Block Tracking Cookies

Thanks to GDPR, every site needs to ask before installing any cookies on your browser. There, only select “necessary” cookies if you have to. But, most of us just click on “accept all” without actually going through the options.

The second option is to delete tracking cookies and browsing history manually. Every web browser has that in the settings page, so make sure you do it from time to time.

While deleting cookies manually isn’t complicated, it’s annoying, and we often forget to do it regularly. Therefore, it is a much better option to prevent tracking cookies from getting on our browsers than to delete them once they do manually.

Total Adblock – Convenient Web Privacy Solution

To prevent unwanted cookies and annoying ads, your best bet is Total Adblock. Not only that it prevents ads and tracking cookies on your computer, but also on iOS and Android phones. 

You will be fully protected no matter the platform, allowing you to browse the web without being spammed and stalked by annoying ads and trackers. 

Plus, blocking ads will positively impact performance too, and will reduce the amount of bandwidth used.