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How To Block Ads On YouTube – An Easy Solution



You try to enjoy your favorite playlist, but ads are littered between songs. You want to watch your favorite podcast, and ads keep popping randomly, breaking conversations. Let’s face it, because of all of those adverts, watching YouTube is sometimes worse than watching TV as interruptions happen randomly.

Sure, you can click on “skip,” but only after 5-10 seconds. That sometimes makes YouTube adverts even more annoying, as you have to get out of your seat or bed just to click that skip button and resume play.

So, is it possible to block adverts on YouTube? Yes, and not only that it’s easier than you might think, but it also carries some additional benefits, which you are about to learn if you read the whole article.

Total Adblock – Eradicate Ads In A Click

The easiest way to get rid of annoying YouTube adverts is to install the Total Adblock plugin. Once you do, YouTube ads are gone for good.

There will be no more interruptions, and you certainly won’t miss clicking on that “skip” button. You will enjoy uninterrupted playback, and playlists with no ads between songs, just by installing our plugin.

Block Ads All Over The Web

While ad blocking on YouTube is fantastic, Total Adblock will get rid of ads all over the web too. That means no popups, banners, no ads in the sidebar. It will also mean no malvertising and no hack attempts hidden behind seemingly benign ads.

Plus, YouTube is not the only multimedia platform littered with ads – all have them, especially if you use free accounts. But, all you need to do is install Total Adblock, and it will take care of all of the ads forever.

Protect Your Privacy

You know that feeling when an ad keeps following you whichever website you visit, making you want to regret ever wanting to buy those shoes you were browsing. Well, that happens because a tracking cookie is installed on your browser, and it now collects your browsing data.

Fortunately, the solution to get rid of trackers is simple – Total Adblock. It will not only get rid of YouTube ads but also get rid of stalkers too.

Boost Page Load Times

Blocking ads will improve privacy but will also improve internet performance. Total Adblock will prevent ads from loading, which means the pages you visit will load faster too. This can be useful if you are on a limited data plan, too, as it will mean less wasted megabytes on loading ads.


It has never been easier to block adverts on YouTube. The second you try Total Adblock, you will realize how much time you wasted on those annoying and intrusive ads that spoiled so many of your YouTube playlist marathons. So don’t wait, install Total Adblock now and in no time you will forget that such thing as YouTube ads that interrupt playback ever existed.