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Ad Blocking on iPhone® – Why You Need an Ad Block App on Your Phone



In this article, we will discuss how to block adverts on mobile phones, specifically iPhone. As you are about to see, there are quite a few reasons why you should install a reliable iPhone ad-blocking app on your phone today, so stay tuned.

Enjoy A Better Browsing

Ads are the ultimate annoyance, and mobile phones are not immune to them. Popups, banners, even malvertising, the same ads that stalk you on your computer are present wherever you go, as they infiltrate your mobile phone too.

That’s unless you use Total Adblock

With our app, ad blocking on iPhone has never been easier. All you need to do to eradicate ads in Safari is to install Total Adblock. No more interruptions and attention-seeking popups, Total Adblock will eliminate them once and for all!

Use Less Data

While most of us look for adblocking on mobile phones to get rid of annoying ads, we often neglect one significant benefit – saving data.

Ads are not just annoying, but they also drain your mobile phone data for nothing. Unless you have an unlimited data plan, then chances are you are often going to find yourself in a dilemma in the middle of a month often – if you decide to continue using mobile data, you will start paying overage fees. If not, you will have to wait until the end of the month before you start using your favorite apps again.

Well, Total Adblock iOS can help there too. Getting rid of ads will also mean saving data. If ads don’t load at all, they will not waste away megabytes. 

That might seem insignificant, but the savings add up quickly, considering the internet is littered with ads. There’s absolutely no reason why you should waste your precious data on annoying ads, which is why having Total Adblock for Safari is an absolute must.

Fly Through Pages

Blocking adverts will save data but will make pages load faster too. That means you will be able to browse the web even if your WiFi connection is slow or you have a weak signal. No ads and faster internet? Yes, but only if you use Total Adblock for iOS.

Protecting Privacy

Ads are not only there to annoy you; some track your behavior or even contain malware. Therefore, blocking ads will mean blocking tracker cookies and malvertising attempts, keeping your private information only for yourself.


If you choose Total Adblock for iPhone, you will enjoy a safer, faster, and less annoying internet, while simultaneously saving mobile data. In other words, anyone can benefit from adblocking on iPhone. Therefore, don’t wait; install Total Adblock iOS and enjoy better internet today.

iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.