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Ad Blocking On Android – Protect Your Privacy On The Go



While most of us use a  reliable ad-block plugin on our web browsers, using an app to block adverts on mobile phones is not yet as popular. But, there are many reasons why you should consider installing ad blocking on Android phone, and this article will tell you more about that.

Protect Your Privacy Wherever You Are

Adverts are not only annoying, but they can also be dangerous. Tracking ads collect your private information, and advertisement can potentially lead to malware infections and data loss.

The ad problem with mobile devices is even more significant, as you carry them everywhere where you go. That means you connect to various WiFi networks but don’t pay the same attention when browsing. You are much more likely to click on an ad without thinking while browsing in a crowded bus, making you more vulnerable.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to protect yourself with our Total Adblock Android app. It will remove ads from your browsers and apps, making your mobile web experience much safer and less annoying.

Save Mobile Data

One massive benefit of ad blocking on Android is reducing the amount of mobile data you use. Ads are not only annoying, but they also drain data for nothing. If you have a limited data plan, you know how painful it can be when you ran out of it in the middle of the month and have to pay overage fees.

Video ads are especially tricky. YouTube does allow you to skip them, but only after 5 seconds. By that time, most of the ad has already loaded, which means wasted data, even if you don’t watch the whole thing.

Total Adblock will kill ads on all apps, which will mean you will not have to worry about wasting precious megabytes loading something you don’t want to see.

Load Pages Faster

Another benefit of blocking ads is faster load times. Ads waste data and slow down your browsing experience as the browser has to load them with the page content.

When you block ads, the page size will also shrink, which will mean faster execution. You will notice a significant performance improvement as soon as you try Total Adblock on your mobile phone.


If you decide to block adverts on mobile phones will result in improved performance, reduced data use, and improved privacy. All that while simultaneously getting rid of annoying ads that stalk you and ruin your browsing experience.

Therefore, try Total Adblock, and start enjoying an ad-free Android mobile experience today.